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If you’re wondering why your Android device is slow in processing and why the full battery does not last for a day, then you should try the SuperB Cleaner app. The secret is in the background processes like Email, Instagram, Facebook, etc. SuperB Cleaner keeps all of them under control: detects programs that waste too much energy and deletes from RAM. This reduces power consumption, cleans up the memory and makes the phone work faster. SuperB Cleaner takes just 2 MB, but it’s still powerful enough to manage your phone’s memory and extends its battery life.


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SuperB Cleaner (Boost & Clean) has a straightforward but nice looking interface. It’s design is introduced in white and yellow colors and has just a few of big and understandable icons. After you open the app, you see a homepage with a 1-tap yellow “Boost” button at the bottom that can instantly close all background processes, clear RAM and speed up your phone. Another icon shows you the CPU temperature and junk files.

Moreover, the homepage has a clock that displays the real-time performance level of device’s processes and recommends whether to stop background apps and cool the CPU or do it later. At the top of the screen you’re going to find two small icons for files and settings and at the bottom part should be a list of apps that slow down your phone.


SuperB Cleaner stops all unnecessary background apps and processes and makes your phone work faster and longer this way. SuperB Cleaner doesn’t let other apps to restart automatically, and this way provides an acceleration effect for the phone. Moreover, it closes the unnecessary apps, and that is how it saves your battery power. This memory boost also displays the real time memory usage and shows you the apps that take a lot of RAM. That’s is why you can decide by yourself when to activate the boost.

Another function of SuperB Cleaner is detecting the apps that cause overheating because of the high consuming of CPU capacity. So if you stop such apps from working it will cool down your phone. Also, to use this cleaning app you don’t need to install any roots or having roots permissions. This app works fast even without them. It might be incredibly useful for gamers because the app makes phones faster and you won’t experience any lags during the game.

Also, if you don’t want to stop the work of particular apps you can add them to the special list of ignorant. The SuperB Cleaner app also lets you disable or enable boost notifications, hide recommendations or provide feedback to the developer. If you want to clean default apps like Gallery, Google Play you will need to give the app administrative privileges. But providing them you open access to all your private files even to those like bank accounts, credit card details, etc. So it’s totally up to you whether you trust this cleaning app or not.

Ease of Use

SuperB Cleaner (Boost & Clean) is extremely easy to use. The app’s interface is so simplified that you might even feel like there is a lack of controls and menu options. However, the app still does its work perfectly even though it looks so suspiciously simple.

You won’t spend too much time on figuring out how to download the app or start using it. But you might have some troubles with enabling or disabling the accessibility services. Therefore, here is a quick manual how to do this in the fast and simple way: go to the system settings of your phone, choose Accessibility section and turn the switch near SuperB Cleaner into the “ON” position and finish it by tapping “OK” in the following pop-up window.

Also, while other apps can’t provide you with the best result without requiring root permissions from you,  the SuperB Cleaner app doesn’t require any and makes your phone working even faster than those root apps would do.

SuperB Cleaner app will work on devices that have Android OS versions 4.1 and up. Unfortunately, it’s not available for iOS and other platforms at least for now.


  • no roots required;
  • friendly interface;
  • highly understandable app;
  • significantly speeds up your phone.


  • lack of menus and options;
  • annoying ads.

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