Full Review of Skins for Minecraft App – Plethora of Skins!

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Skins for Minecraft is a minimalistic and simple app, which contains a plethora of appearances for your Minecraft character. You can dress them up in whatever you want as you have a vast choice at your disposal. All you have to do is install the app and click your favorite Minecraft skin.


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Skins for Minecraft has a minimalistic gray and blue design, which matches the app’s simple purpose. There is nothing extra on the main interface: just a handful of skins you can choose and a sidebar with the sections like Popular, Search, Support, and Share.

The interface feels intuitive, except that aforementioned fullscreen and when you tap the Share button. However, the ad on the main screen is placed on the bottom of the screen and doesn’t affect the app’s performance.


Skins for Minecraft is not a multifunctional app as its primary and only purpose is to provide you with new and fun skins. You can edit these skins choosing their names and use them in the Minecraft: Pocket Edition game. Also, you can share them with friends via social networks like Facebook or Twitter. However, there is a minor problem with a fullscreen ad which pops up when you tap the “Share” button; make sure your sound is off because this ad is pretty loud, trust me on that.

There are many options to customize your character on the main screen. You can change their gender, pick their names and choose from diverse and colorful outfits in the “Popular’ section. Plus, you can search the skins by their names which also feels fast and convenient.

There is also a Support form within the app so that you can reach out to the developers if you have any issues with the app’s performance.

Ease of Use

Once you launched the app, you’ll see the main screen full of diverse Minecraft skins. You can scroll down for a long time until you reach the last skin available. Every function works fine, so you can easily edit, load or share the skin you like. You can add the skin straight to Minecraft PE or save it to the gallery on your device.

The app is fast and intuitive, allowing you to enhance your Minecraft: PE experience by varying your character’s skins. There is a simple and simultaneous integration of the new skin to the Minecraft: PE game, which has to be preinstalled on your phone.


  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • A plethora of skins to customize your character;
  • Ability to edit the character’s name;
  • Fast integration with Minecraft: PE.


  • A fullscreen ad when you tap on the Share button.

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